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Are you up to something big?

You have a vision, and you are determined to make it happen!
To challenge the status-quo, you'll need guts, good planning and accountability.

Have you stepped into the arena yet?

There is no lack of ideas, only one of execution.
Many people aim high and end up disappointed, as they see themselves fail to create the results they wanted.


I want you to be among the few who succeed.


My clients are bright leaders who bring meaningful change into the world:


▶︎ for future work structures that work for us
▶︎ for fairness and social inclusion
▶︎ for constructive political dialogue, and
▶︎ for better care for our environment. 

Their work touches every area of life.


Does that sound like you?

I invite you to share information on what you are up to and what your needs are. I will personally review your confidential information and will contact you within 48 business hours to let you know if I can powerfully serve you. If so, we will schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if we are the right fit and how working together could impact what you’re committed to.


My promise to you is that as your partner I believe 100% in you and your vision. I am just as committed as you are that you stay on track whilst creating and maintaining the life balance you want. I will hold you accountable to your goals and support you in overcoming all internal and external challenges.


Transforming your business into a human-centered organisation

Do your customers love what you sell?
Do your employees give their best? Are they engaged?
Is your company ready for an ever faster changing, more competitive environment, and disruptive technologies?

If your answers are ‘maybe’ or ‘no’, it’s time to build a new DNA.


Top-down leadership lacks the agility and creativity needed in a rapidly transforming world.

In the ‘new normal’ it’s all about sharing responsibility and ownership. It invites everyone in the organisation to voice problems and to suggest solutions. It demands constant dialogue with customers and suppliers to understand their needs and pain points. You can move much faster and save money with a people embracing approach to running your business.

Are you ready to lead the pack?


I work with organisations that help solve today’s problems, aware of their economic, ecological and social impact.

I facilitate agile methods such as:


▶︎ Design Thinking
▶︎ Co-active® Leadership
▶︎ Positive Psychology

I provide customised support based on these principles to make you and your organisation future-ready. 

Be it in a one-day workshop, individual leadership coaching or longer term programmes, I'd love to help you re-design your corporate culture.


I would love to help your team create:

▶︎ a learning organisation focused on achieving great results
▶︎ space for employees to feel empowered and accountable
▶︎ an agile approach to designing products and services your customers love and don’t want to live without.

Together, we'll co-design a programme that gets you from where you are now to the results you want to create.

We will do this with an "experiment and feedback“ approach which enables you to co-create with with your team. This generates group buy-in and harvests your employees’ best ideass

I'll stay in the process with you until we find what works best for your organisation—and I'll help translate the value of your new systems to key stakeholders in your organisation.

I invite you to share with me what is already working in your organisation, what goal you are heading towards, and what gaps you need to close in order to get to the next level.

Upon receipt of your questionnaire, I'll be in touch so we can visit about your organisation and goals!

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