I work with daring leaders who stand for a world in service of all people and in harmony with our planet.

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 Regina Vogel- Leadership Coach-Zurich, Switzerland

I support individuals, organisations, and communities committed to create meaningful change.

Imagine a world in which we all are connected to who we truly are and the great gifts we all bring into the world. Actively engaged in meaningful work, that contributes to our organisations, communities and our planet. Where after a day’s meaningful work we come home satisfied with what we have accomplished, full of energy for our families, our local communities and beyond.


I see a world transformed.

We live in a truly transformative age. Our old ways of doing things have depleted not only our planet and the people who live in the global south. They are also depleting many of us in the most economically rich areas of the world. Many of us perpetually change jobs or only live for the weekend, numb ourselves with food, TV, or sports, clothes or fancy holidays to forget how unsatisfied we are with our lives.

At the same time I see new structures and systems rising powerfully and unstoppable all over the world: Purpose-led business, self managed organisations, empowering new finance models, communities forming around the shared commitment to tackle our current local and global challenges.


I want to be part of this great transformation.

As a co-active® leadership coach I work with practical idealists and gamechangers, with purpose-led organisations and communities committed to transparency, fairness, and sustainability.


I'm a Design Thinking facilitator. This means I specialize in designing experiential, context based programmes for students and professionals. With the right environment, great ideas can be generated in a very short amount of time—based on laser-targeted goals.

The power of Theory U workshops is—the experience brings the whole 'system' into one room.  From this perspective, individuals are naturally inclined (and invited) to start taking ownership for the system as a whole. Together, participants begin talking and listening toward a common goal...

Positively changing the way things are done.

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