"My vision is to foster connection in the world, working with people and organisations who dare engage with both heart and mind. Regina has been unwaveringly holding space on my way to make that happen. I am more aware of what is unique about me and what gifts I have to share. Her appreciation and believe in my resources have been helping me to raise to heights I did not imagine before. In difficult situations I can now embody strength and courage, vulnerability and gentleness and therefore stay more committed and engaged, riding the waves of challenges. I would recommend Regina to anyone who needs a lift to rock their journey to fulfillment and purpose in their life!"

Hie-suk Yang  |  Germany
Co-Diver, The Dive



"I have gained multiple life-changing insights into myself and been awoken to the tools available to me within to better myself and reach my full potential.

I have clarity in what I want, what I need to achieve that and the steps that will take me to achieve that. Regina doesn't just help you work through your problems, she helps you open doors into another world, allowing you to see things within you that you didn't realize were holding you back. Those realizations hit you like a brick round the head, in a good way, waking you up to things you can address and allowing you to break free of previous shackles.

I recommend Regina's services to friends who seem to feel restricted in their life and have a desire to progress, whatever aspect of their life that might be within."

James Robert Stephenson  |  Director CarbonCube Design


"As a social entrepreneur I take action to drive positive change in society. During a phase in which I struggled to listen to my personal mission and felt overwhelmed during the implementation of my plans, the support of Regina has been invaluable. Regina helped me to gain clarity and confidence despite my unconventional path. Thanks to her I was able to progress much faster on my personal development path than I would have without her support. I therefore highly recommend Regina's coaching."

Majka Baur  |  Digital Nomad
Social Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of We-Act


"Regina is kind, caring, and at the same time, dedicated and professional. She has an understanding of the client as an individual with the potential of acting on and bringing about new growth and opportunities for themselves. I now hold myself more accountable in my life and know that I can accomplish great things in my profession, taking the time to intentionally connect with my what I want and can do."

Regan Elliot  |  USA
Good To Greatness Coaching



"When I first started working with Regina, I was looking for how to have the greatest possible impact in the world. But the magnitude of it was overwhelming, and I did not know where to start. Then I began to find clarity and focus and was able to scale it down. I am now working on projects that are stepping stones towards my vision of contributing to a better world, whilst retaining the balance in my life that I want."

Stephanie Z.  |  Switzerland


"The work we did together helped me build my confidence in taking a new step in my career. I am now not only ready for new responsibilities, but I am excited to face them! Before working with Regina everything was cloudy, but now I know exactly where to go and how to get there. Regina is an edgy, curious coach who was 100% present during our sessions. I found someone who was intelligent and not afraid of being straight forward with me, especially during hard times.One of the benefits of our working together is that I’m so much more focused on who I am not only as a professional, but also as a human being with a mission in this world. I am more aware now of the importance of being curious and hungry to learn new things. I highly recommend Regina to friends or colleagues doing coaching for business or career purposes, or anyone who is ready to take the next step in their life."

Renata Viana  |  Italy
HR Specialist, Lechler Spa


"Regina's coaching is forthright and challenging, and she will not let you hide or avoid a difficult topic, but help you through it. With Regina I was moved out of my comfort zone, and called on my avoidance tricks. I have some behaviours that have changed as a result of coaching with Regina, and I'm more aware of my avoidance tactics."

Julie K.  |  Australia