Responsible Leadership


The future company plays a new game. It stops contributing to the social, economic and ecological problems we have collectively created. It is part of their solution.

Future market leaders create meaning as well as profit today.

Employees, customers, the company’s whole value chain are inspired by the value they create and consume. People are fully engaged and contribute their talent to achieve the best results for the company.

As you lead your company from the mindset that responsibility for people, planet and profit don’t threaten but enhance your business results, you won’t simply survive our disruptive age. You will thrive by innovating from what’s possible.

The future starts today: Instead of being paralysed by an unforeseeable future, let curiosity be the driver for what you can create and how you can respond to needs as they arise.

Take a step back from the hectic day-to-day work to ask your customers, suppliers and employees what matters to them, and let that and their environmental impact inform your decisions.

This is how you create customers who love what you do and what consuming your services and products tells themselves and others about who they are.

There is no contradiction between your own well-being and a positive impact on nature and other people’s life.