We All Need A Tribe Or Two


As part of a group of likeminded people, all committed to make an impact, it’s easier for me to honour my own commitment. They are my backbone, share my core values and are dedicated to be responsible leaders. It’s empowering to know that I am not just one person with little influence on how the world unfolds. In my tribe I have a sense of being part of a bigger We, and confidence that together we can create meaningful lives and work.

I have more than one tribe, and I am on a mission to create many more because I believe that tribes are the driving force behind the positive change we are beginning to see in the world.

Here are two of them:

I have my tribe of leaders who take responsibility for the world they live in. They see me clearly with my strengths and my weaknesses, my hope and my fears. I pledge my goals to them, allowing them to call me forth and hold me accountable. And I do the same for them.

I am creating a tribe of 500 women who with radical generousity fund female led and impact driven start-ups in Switzerland. A tribe of women who empower each other and create a world in which women thrive. Such tribes already exist in Canada, the US and New Zealand and are called SheEO.

Are you hungry to contribute to the greater good, but have not yet had an opportunity to experience it by engaging yourself?

Then join me in creating a powerful Swiss tribe of 500 women who shape their world through supporting the next generation of female led business.